Best cancer doctor in Hyderabad

About Dr. Kankati Srinivasa Rao

Best cancer doctor in Hyderabad

Dr. K Srinivasa Rao is one of the top Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist in Nalagandla, Hyderabad with vast experience and knowledge in treating all Kinds of Cancers with absolute competence.

He has over 25 years of experience, and he has worked in Radiation oncology department at the most prestigious and well-known Cancer hospitals worldwide.

Dr. K Srinivasa Rao is associated with American Oncology Institute Hyderabad as a Senior Consultant – Radiation Oncologist. He is one of the best radiation oncologists, specialized in all the latest radiation therapy techniques.

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Why should you choose Dr. Kankati Srinivasa Rao?

Dr. Kankati Srinivasa Rao’s approach puts patients at the centre of their care. We empower patients and caregivers with the right information

  • Effective, safe and compassionate patient care
  • Multidisciplinary management
  • Specialized expertise and latest treatment options
  • State-of-the-Art Technology
  • International tumor board discussions
  • Adhering to international treatment guidelines

What Our Patients Say About Us

I have all gratefulness for him

I was treated by him and, as yet, counseling him routinely. I discovered Kankati Srinivasa Rao to be truly reasonable and understanding. He is unequivocal in his methodology, which fulfills a patient's nervousness.

Dr. Kankati Srinivasa Rao is the best oncologist in India Read more

and reasonable. Numerous oncologists charge an exceptionally high sum, yet Dr. Rao offers services at a reasonable cost. He never suggests extra or wastes medicine.

I have all gratefulness for him.

He is deserving of all the commendations

I acknowledge Kankati Srinivasa Rao's understanding and devotion to his work. He analyzed the sickness appropriately and effectively played out the medical procedure with the most extreme certainty. He is deserving of all the commendations.

Responsive attitude that is genuine

This review is regarding my personal experience with this Doctor.

He is a great doctor. Kankati Srinivasa Rao is very experienced in his work and good in nature. He has a genuine, responsive attitude in talking with patients, and he treats his patients with patience. Read more

I visited this Doctor when my mother had invasive breast cancer, and we were worried about her health. I met many doctors in my mother's case, but all doctors gave me a clear reply that they didn't do anything.

One of my family friends gave me the reference of Dr. Kankati Srinivasa Rao. So I met this Doctor who said he could treat my mother and give her new hope.

After consulting the Doctor, my mother felt confident. So we continued taking treatment. Later she was utterly recovered than before the expected time.

Thank you, Dr. Kankati Srinivasa Rao, for being with us in our most difficult times.

Much obliged to you, Doctor

Kankati Srinivasa Rao is one of the highest Onco specialists in India. I have alluded to him for my dad's medical procedure. Our first gathering was so authentic; he taught us entirely about the technique and dealt with us as a family specialist does. Read more

He has been extraordinary with work; he played out the medical procedure splendidly, and after a week, we got discharged. He is a carefree and kind-hearted individual who takes outrageous consideration and continually spurs the patient to cruise through the intense stage. We are happy to have been treated by him. It is effectively said that specialists are gods, and I discovered mine.

We are much obliged to you, Doctor.

Very competent

Kankati Srinivasa Rao operated on me for ovarian cancer in 2020. He is a very competent doc; he cares, is easy to reach, and is approachable besides being a fantastic human. Although I am now in the US, I continue to rely on his advice for follow-ups.

Chandra Sekhar
Very approachable

My wife was suffering from blood cancer, and we had no idea about it for a long time. The disease was eating my wife from inside daily. Finally, I learned about the problem when we went for a routine checkup.

It was altogether a different experience when we met Read more

Kankati Srinivasa Rao. He gave us a decent time and clarified all our doubts every time with lots of kindness. My wife got admitted and had some severe complications for being late for diagnosis. after the procedures, surgery, and overall treatments, how Dr. Srinivasa and the team looked after her was a great blessing to us. That is where we realized that good doctors could cure complicated conditions quickly. Dr. Srinivas falls in the former category where we have complete confidence in him and his team that they don't look after the disease or medical complication; they also look after the patient!

We highly regard him

We have been through that Threatening phase of life and realized what surprises life can throw. Luck and time play an important role. However, be it our good luck, God's blessings, or our past good deeds, we found a professional and experienced doctor. Read more

We highly regard him and Dr. K Srinivasa Sir, and their entire team, and we pray to God that he continues to cure his patients successfully.

Thank you, sir, for being with us, even today, in routine checkups.

Very patient and considerate

He was very patient and considerate. He explained all the treatment plans in detail and has helped us tremendously in getting over this dreaded disease. Thank you, sir.

Sudarshan Reddy
We were delighted with his treatment

My brother was suffering from lung cancer. My friend recommended Dr. K Srinivas Rao, and without any delay, we visited him.

I am so thankful that my friend recommended me to the best cancer doctor. Read more

Dr. Kantati Srinivas Rao is a highly qualified and knowledgeable doctor. He gave his best to save my brother and made him feel safe again.

We were delighted with his treatment and gentle behavior, and I highly recommend him to all cancer warriors.

Good treatment

Doctor is good and my friend mom has consulted. She is suffering from cancer. The doctor is explained what is the condition and how they will give the treatment . Doctor and there team is nicely responded our queries. They had given good treatment to my aunt she is getting recovery.... Read more

I am thankful for Dr Srinivas . i recommend to please contact this doctor if you are anyone suffering from the cancer and take the proper treatment.

Good care of the patients

Dr Kankati Srinivas is a very good oncologist and takes good care of the patients . he also explains the pros and cons of the treatment suggested . he has been treating my wife for breast cancer since July 2020 . My wife is reasonably stable.

Quick Responses

The ever best doctor is Dr.K Srinivas sir. The way he receives the patients and way of treatment is very impressive. He is THE best oncologist in the city.

Guides us in a scientific approach

I met dr k Srinivas Wayback in 2007 for my father's throat cancer. He gave radiation. With his approach and treatment, my father is still doing well. Recently we met him again. He checked my father thoroughly and asked us to come for review after 5 years. Read more

We owe a lot to dr k Srinivas. We keep on calling him for any health issues & he guides us in a scientific approach. My father is blessed to take treatment under him. Thanks, sir for all the support. God bless you.

So Authentic

Dr. Kankati Srinivasa Rao is a competent and experienced oncologist. My involvement with him was extraordinary, and I would strongly recommend him to every individual battling cancer.

I was suffering from cancer and had no expectations that I might at any point escape from that. Dr. Kankati Srinivasa Rao took me out of the disease. Read more

It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure, & Dr. Kankati Srinivasa Rao is the perfect example that proved this to be true. He could figure out cancer at an early stage and provided all the guidance & support to cure my cancer.

He is an authentic individual.


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